Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Sean O’Toole

(BS, Computer Science) is a Master’s Degree candidate in the Computer Science Department at Boise State University (BSU). While serving in the Air Force, he developed an interest in the real-world applications of cybersecurity and cyber law. While attending BSU, Sean was the student founder and team lead for the university’s first competitive cybersecurity team in the Fall 2019 Cyberforce DoE competition. He currently serves as the President of the C^4 club which focuses on building a community of interested cybersecurity students and professionals. Sean produces a weekly club newsletter which updates students on news in the cybersecurity world, cyber-based competitions and other topics. Sean is currently working on Industrial Control Systems Security and the development of ICS cybersecurity testbeds. A martial arts aficionado, Sean has a black belt in Sanjuryu karate and is a Sanjuryu instructor at the West YMCA. He is also a foster Dog Dad to two old gals, Moose and Barbie, who do their best at all times to keep him from working on anything other than scratching bellies, throwing balls, and taking walks.

Ramesh Neupane

Ramesh is currently pursuing his MS in CS. He completed his bachelor in "Electronics and Communication Engineering" from the Institute of Engineering, TU, Nepal, where he developed an acute interest in Hardware Systems and Computer Networks. Later, working as a Solutions Engineer at a SIEM company, his interest in Systems and Security further intensified. He is currently exploring PLC use in Industrial Control System and security challenges pertaining to cyber-physical systems. His interests also extend to Programming and and Mathematics.

Chidi Agbo

Chidi is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computing under the Cyber Security Emphasis area. He earned his bachelor’s in computer science from Ebonyi State University, Nigeria and MSc. in Business Informatics at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. His research interests are in the areas of Cyber Security of industrial control systems (ICS) and Machine Learning for threat detection in Critical infrastructures.

Craig Primer

Craig is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computing. He has been working in the nuclear power industry for over twenty-five years and received a BS in nuclear engineering technology from Thomas Edison State University in 2009. During the last five years, his career focus has shifted to research in the areas of plant automation, digital twins, advanced instrumentation, and cybersecurity. Now at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Craig works with research teams to develop solutions needed by the nuclear industry to stay competitive in the energy sector.

His research is aimed at developing explainable and secure automation that can be used by the nuclear industry for critical process automation and operational decision making. The goal of this research will leverage cybersecurity and data science to develop methods for using extracted data stream information to quantify the state of the nuclear system, diagnose component and system degradation, and forecast its future state. This will include the ability to assess the probability of failures and uncertainties associated with the predictions and identify options for operational actions based on the current and future states of the nuclear system.

Cameron Sewell

Cameron is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Cybersecurity at Boise State University. His interests include Cyber Physical Systems, Ethics in Cybersecurity, Simulation, and Machine Learning. He is currently assisting in research related to Industrial Control Systems.

Past Lab Members

Nuhil Mehdy

Nuhil completed his Ph.D. in Summer 2021 with the dissertation titled "Modeling and Analyzing User’s Privacy Disclosure Behavior to Generate Personalized Privacy Policies"

Tyler Phillips

Tyler completed his PhD in Fall 2020 with the dissertation titled "A Resilience Metric for Modern Power Distribution Systems"

Subin Sapkota

Graduated with M.Sc Thesis: FALCON: Framework for Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems

Farhad Rasapour

Graduated Aug. 2018. M.Sc Thesis: Injecting Control Commands through Sensory Channel: Attack and Defense.

Rezvan Joshaghani

Graduated May. 2019. M.Sc Thesis: UNICORN Framework: A User-centric Approach Toward Formal Verification of Privacy Norms.

Stacy Black

Completed BS in 2018. Her research interests include privacy and cybersecurity.